Montigny Committee Visit Foxton

Photo of both committees

Members of the Foxton and Montigny Twinning Committees pause during the tour of Foxton.

The weekend visit to Foxton by four members of the Montigny Twinning Committee in March was a huge success.  The visitors were: Gil Guilbert (deputy mayor of Montigny), Marie-Claude Loquet, Sophie Maratray (both parish councillors) and Isabelle Retout (Montigny Primary School teacher).

The weekend started with a short planning meeting, followed by a welcome reception in the village hall, attended by about 40 interested residents.  It was a fantastic, positive event and the French visitors were overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm for the twinning project from the people who attended, especially those representing village organisations and associations who are interested in forging links with their counterparts in Normandy.

Photo of Molly dancing at Thriplow Daffodil Festival.

Molly dancing at Thriplow Daffodil Festival.

On Saturday we spent the morning walking around the village and the afternoon at Thriplow Daffodil Weekend. Sunday included a visit to Cambridge and a pub lunch. On Monday morning, we were welcomed by Foxton School and Pre-School for a tour and chat with children and staff.

After the weekend, Marie-Claude emailed us to say, ‘I wish to thank you all for your warm and enthusiastic welcome and all the activities you had organised for us, we enjoyed every minute of our stay. THANK YOU! I must add that we were really pleased to see that the twinning was definitely becoming very concrete for both parties, it is very motivating.’


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