About Montigny

Montigny is a commune of around 1,100 people in the Seine-Maritime département of France. Situated about 5 miles (8km) northwest of the centre of Rouen, the village is completely surrounded by woodland, nestled as it is, within a clearing in the dense forest of Roumare.

Despite its close proximity to Rouen, the community is rural and spacious. The village has its own primary school, church, salle polyvalente (a multi-purpose hall) and is home to a château in which Queen Mary and the then Prince of Wales, Edward (later to become Edward VIII), stayed in 1917.

Like all French communes, Montigny has an elected mayor and a Mairie. There are a wide range of activities for the community, including fêtes and cultural activities. The village has a familiar sporting life, with tennis courts available for players and a thriving football club with ten teams across all ages, welcoming over 150 players.

You can find out more about Montigny from the Mairie de Montigny website (in French).