First village visit to Montigny

The first trip to Montigny for Foxton residents will take place over the weekend of 15-17/18 September. All Foxton residents are invited to come, of course, and there are already plenty of interested Montignais who would love to host a visitor from Foxton for the weekend.

We will be staying with various host families in Montigny, and, together with the Twinning committee in Montigny, we will try to match people to suitable hosts so there are common interests and no language barrier. Travel to Montigny will be made and paid for independently. Ryanair operate two flights per week (Monday and Friday) from Stansted to Deauville (about 2 hours from Montigny). Our hosts will happily meet us in Deauville and bring us to Montigny. Alternatively you can go by Eurostar via Paris to Rouen, where we can also be met. For those who prefer to drive, there is the car ferry or tunnel from Dover to Calais with an easy two and a half hour drive to Montigny or the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe.

As guests in Montigny your host family will look after you and their Twinning Association will cover any costs for activities during the visit. This weekend coincides with National Heritage weekend in France when there is free public access to many unusual sites and buildings. The French Twinning Association are already making plans for our visit: a welcome evening on the Friday, a visit to Rouen and its monuments on Saturday morning, followed by half a day of activities to choose from e.g. boules, walking in the forest, golf, shopping etc. and on Saturday evening, there will be an official signing of the Twinning Charter at the Mairie (Town Hall) and a buffet meal. On Sunday, there will probably be a trip with your hosts to a place of interest, such as Honfleur or Etretat on the Normandy coast, or Giverny (Monet’s garden). For those who can stay until Monday, there is a trip planned to Rouen on Sunday evening, to see the laser show on the facade of the cathedral. It all sounds very exciting!

If you are interested in joining the group on this trip,  just email Jill Buggey at If you have any questions about the organisation of the weekend visit, please email Jill or have a look at the FAQs. The deadline for signing up to the weekend visit will be 15 June. We would also require a £10 ‘joining fee’ per household at this stage, to cover our administrative costs.

We are really looking forward to the first stage of this very exciting new venture! The four Montignais who came over for the weekend in March were overwhelmed by the hospitality and interest shown in Foxton for the Twinning project, and are really looking forward to showing us their village in return.


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