Twinning Report for APM

The following report was presented to the Foxton Annual Parish Meeting.

Twinning  Report – Annual Parish Meeting 2018

Foxton Twinning Association has gone from strength to strength since its first meetings in October 2016. In June 2017 a formal constitution was adopted and the office bearers, Philip Atkin as Chairman, Jill Buggey as Secretary and Peter Howell as Treasurer, were re-elected at their first AGM in January 2018.

The aims of the Association are:

  • To establish a twinning partnership between Foxton and Montigny in order to share cultural experiences between the two communities.
  • To engage the community of Foxton, its community groups, societies and school in the twinning project.
  • To raise sufficient funds to take the twinning project forward.

In September 2017 the first official visit to Montigny took place.  25 Foxton residents were hosted by families in Montigny and took part in a number of activities.  The official Twinning Charter was also signed.  44 Montigny residents will come to Foxton in the last weekend in April and it’s hoped that we can match the excellent hospitality which was received in Montigny.

The visit to Montigny has triggered several other interactions between the residents of Montigny and Foxton, including links between the schools, Chris Hindley giving presentations there on his trips to the Antarctic and other residents returning for social events with their host families.

The Association has had a busy year with fund raising and hosted a car boot sale with French cafe in September, another French cafe in January and a French Film Evening in March.  These have been excellently organised and supported and thoroughly enjoyed by Foxton residents.

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